Frequently Asked Questions

Members and Member Experience

  • What is YourCauseOrMine?
    YourCauseOrMine is a cause-related dating community that brings singles together while rallying around local causes. YourCauseOrMine is a meet-online-date-offline dating site. That is, while we take great lengths to provide members with ideal matches and communication opportunities on the website, we help to facilitate that first in-person meeting by suggesting a volunteer or cause event that addresses the cause that you two have in common. We want our members to get out and do some good in their local communities while having fun finding that someone.
  • Who should use this site?
    This site is for anyone who wants to meet people with purpose. YourCauseOrMine is where someone interested in a cause can meet someone else also interested in a cause – even if it is a different cause. Member interests vary by focus and intensity; some members carry a moderate concern, while others possess a fiery passion for a cause. There are 18 different cause categories with multiple sub-categories from which to select interests. Based on those identified interests YourCauseOrMine helps you to you meet new people, represent your interest(s), get involved in cause initiatives, and learn about cause-related events in your area. Even before you meet anyone on the site, you know that everyone here cares about something.

    Besides meeting individuals, you can also use the site to find communities of interest and local events. If you’re new to an area, YourCauseOrMine is a great way to locate others who share your interests. If you’re passionate about a cause that you want others to be aware of, YourCauseOrMine can to help you get the word out. If you’re just looking for a way to lend your support to a cause, you can find it here.
  • Can you give an example of how YourCauseOrMine works for members?
    Here’s an example scenario of how YourCauseOrMine works: You live in Pasadena, California. You create a profile on YourCauseOrMine and choose Literacy as one of your cause interests. YourCauseOrMine matches you with a member who lives in Thousand Oaks, California. That member lists Social Justice as a cause interest. YourCauseOrMine shares the member’s profile with you, offers to make contact with the member for you, and suggests the Grenada Hills Adult Literacy Program event as a place for you two to volunteer together.
  • What makes YourCauseOrMine different from other dating sites?
    YourCauseOrMine is the only dating site that matches members based on their cause and volunteer interests. We have a Member Match tool that identifies the best profile matches based on member location, cause interests, preferred personal traits, and individual site activity (patent pending). We then offer suggestions on where matched members can make plans to volunteer or attend local cause-related events together. What better way to see if there is truly a connection with someone new than to go out, do something positive in a lower-pressure environment, and get to know that someone along the way? If a connection was made, awesome! If not, well, you just took a few hours out of your day and did some local good.
  • How do members use YourCauseOrMine?
    YourCauseOrMine matches members based on location, cause interests and site activity and provides a platform for individuals and groups to meet, connect and volunteer together. Members can identify their interest and involvement in various causes, search for profile matches among other members, join groups based on their interests and make plans to volunteer with or attend local cause-related events.

    Create and verify your account. Sign up is free.

    Customize your profile to represent you and your interests: upload pictures, provide some details about yourself, state what you like in a partner, and identify causes that interest you.

    Select from the member matches we found for you. We will offer you a list of your potential matches and we’ll let you know what you have in common with each potential match.

    Connect with others based on your interests. We offer tools for you to start communication and we suggest volunteer and cause events based on your mutual cause interests and proximity to the event.

    Attend a volunteer or cause-related event with another member. We provide event recommendations, but you can also search our database for volunteer and cause-related events to attend in your area. Events are provided by organizations and can be searched for by cause, date, and location.
  • Do you have to volunteer in order to meet others on the site?
    You do not have to attend the volunteer or cause events we recommend in order to meet your match. But part of the benefit of meeting at a volunteer or cause related event is getting to experience someone in a less guarded, interactive atmosphere. If you do choose another venue, we suggest a public space in an interactive setting.
  • Can someone from outside the United States sign up for an account?
    A major part of how YourCauseOrMine works depends on member location: Members are matched with other members in their area, and volunteer and cause events are recommended based on member interest and location. So at this time, we are inviting people living in the United States to join YourCauseorMine. We do plan to expand in the future.

Causes and Volunteer Events

  • What is a Cause?
    A Cause is a group created by an organization that is designed to address a specific cause-related interest. Member can join causes that interest them. Members would then receive communications about the cause and information about upcoming events. Organizations can create multiple causes.
  • Can anyone set up a cause?
    You must be registered on YourCauseOrMine as an Organization to create a cause group.
  • What is an Event?
    A volunteer or cause related event is a public activity geared to serve a specific audience or address a specific community need. Volunteer opportunities are requests for assistance to carry out a certain activity, such as an after school literacy program or a city-sponsored art-class. Cause related events are activities that benefit a specific audience or address a specific community need invitations through awareness building or fundraising. Examples of a cause related events are benefit concerts, panel discussions, or fundraisers.
  • Can anyone list a volunteer or cause-related event?
    You must be registered on YourCauseOrMine as an Organization to list an event.
  • Does YourCauseOrMine offer a batch upload tool for Organizations to list events?
    Yes. Please contact YourCauseOrMine at
  • Does YourCauseOrMine accept donations for causes?
    No. While approved 501c3 organizations featured on our site may include external links to their website and fundraising vehicles, YourCauseOrMine does not facilitate the collection of donations.

Free Features, Subscriptions, and Cause Credits

  • Sign up is free, but is there a charge to use the site?
    YourCauseOrMine is a “freemium” site that offers both free and premium features for members to access. Sign up and Basic membership is free. That includes everything you need to get started: unlimited custom Member Matching, joining cause groups, and searching for local cause events. Basic membership also allows you make initial contact with other members. For a more enriched experience and interactive communication on the site, advanced features are available through paid subscription, and additional services can be accessed with Cause Credits©.

    Paid subscribers can access special features like unlimited messaging, ad removal and anonymous browsing that aren’t available to free members. Additional subscription features include priority placement in the search list, unlimited 1-on-1 messaging, priority inbox message placement, visitor tracking, message-read notification, unlimited chat/IM, and notification when a member has added you as a Favorite.
  • What are Cause Credits?
    Cause Credits are credits that members purchase to access to a menu of premium charge-per-use features. Members purchase Cause Credits to have their profile and favorite cause featured throughout the website; to participate in MatchMaker, where other members vote on their best match; or to access unlimited chat/IM if they don’t have a subscription. Cause Credits are purchased in bundles and are redeemed as the premium features are accessed.


  • How does YourCauseOrMine work for organizations?
    YourCauseOrMine allows organizations to create awareness for their causes. Organizations can post volunteer activities and cause related events sponsored by or associated with their organization. Organizations can also create cause interest groups to connect with members interested in specific causes.

    To begin, create and verify the organization account. Sign up and membership for organizations is free.

    Once your account is confirmed, create and customize your organization’s profile to represent your cause initiatives: upload a logo, provide some details about your organization, post some events, and create cause groups for members to join.
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