Community Guidelines

We know every member of YourCauseOrMine is here to have a good time, support a cause, and maybe meet someone.  Our team has several expectations of conduct that facilitate these activities.  Most of these guidelines go without saying, but we’ll say them anyway, just in case.

  • Be yourself.  Present the real you.  Don’t pretend to be someone else, or lie about your affiliations, achievements, or age.  You do YOU better than anyone!
  • Be nice.  Abusive, harassing, defamatory, or libelous language is not permitted on YourCauseOrMine.
  • Be respectful.  We are a community of people with diverse experiences, backgrounds, mindsets, beliefs, and opinions, so keep hateful and incendiary comments off the site.
  • Be safe.  Take precautions to keep your personal and financial information private and have a safe first meeting by following our safety tips.
  • Don’t be obscene.  Posting of inappropriate language or photos is not allowed.  This is not a porn site.  Do not upload or link to explicit or graphic images (including those in your profile) or descriptions or accounts of sexual acts.
  • Don’t be creepy.  No stalking, harassing, intimidating, or invading privacy. Yuck!
  • Don’t be annoying.  No spamming, soliciting, trolling, or thread crashing is permitted on the site.
  • Respect copyrights.  Only upload content that you own or have permission to use.
  • Be a good community citizen.  Keep our community safe and welcoming by following the terms of use for the site and reporting or flagging abusive behavior when you see it.
  • Have fun.  Use the site to its fullest.  Meet people, identify your interests, join causes, play games, take polls, add and attend events, and share content on the site and on other social media sites.

Your use of YourCauseOrMine is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Use.  Violations may result in warnings, or in extreme cases, the immediate termination of your account.

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